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Learning never ceases and by offering value through experiential learning, embedded in our seminars, workshops, podcasts, blogs, books, and more you will definitely be “kept in the know”.

Workshops: (Part A)


  • Getting A Return On Your College Degree
  • Using The Doctorate Beyond Teaching
  • Supplementing Your Income with Adjunct Teaching & How To Get Started
  • Avoiding the Pitfalls of Stress and Burnout as an Educator
  • How To Truly Pay Yourself First!


  • Minding Your Business 101
  • How To Sale Without Selling
  • Vision boarding 101
  • The Rear “Tug of War”: Balancing Your Job with Building Your Business
  • Presenting Your Small Business in a BIG Way!
  • From Customer to Client
  • Business Gifting the Right Way


  • Be Well, Stay Well in All Weather
  • Is You Water Really Pure? The Benefits of Kangen Water
  • The Real Benefits of a Melaleuca Membership
  • The Big Deal About Charcoal & Detoxification
  • The Real CBD
  • Lowering Your High Blood Pressure Now!
  • Get the Tea on Tea

Seminars: (Part B)


  • The “You” Brand
  • Taking Your Brand to the Next Level
  • Building Yourself while You Build Others
  • What is Your Personal Mission Statement & How to Create It!
  • Marketing Your Direct Sales Business, The Smart Way
  • Creative Marketing for the Direct Sales Professional


"Commit yourself to lifelong learning. The most valuable asset you’ll ever have is your mind and what you put in it.” – Brian Tracey

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